Your contribution today, preserves our history for tomorrow.  image

Your contribution today, preserves our history for tomorrow.

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Our History. Your Legacy.

Our History - The History Nebraska Foundation recognizes that all Nebraskans forge Nebraska's rich and diverse history. As Nebraskans, we hold our history dear and work to collect, preserve and share our history with future generations.

Your Legacy. - History is personal. We all desire to see our own legacies reflected in our shared histories. Your contribution to the History Nebraska Foundation provides an opportunity to secure your legacy and preserve our history.

Collecting, preserving, and sharing our history in engaging and exciting ways takes significant resources. The History Nebraska Foundation raises the funds that allow History Nebraska preserve, interpret, and share Nebraska history in new and inventive ways.

Funds raised by the History Nebraska Foundation will help History Nebraska:

  • Digitize collections to make them accessible from anywhere.
  • Create new, engaging, and interactive exhibits at historic sites statewide.
  • Establish new historical markers that cover a broader scope of Nebraska’s history and restore and maintain older markers.
  • Raise capital funds for new equipment, building maintenance, historic preservation, and construction.
  • Provide ground-breaking virtual educational programs that allow all Nebraskans to experience history.
  • Obtain additional support for efforts not supported by state funding.
  • And more.

By investing in the History Nebraska Foundation, you add your name to a long list of people like you, who have a passion for Nebraska’s rich and diverse history and understand that our history cannot be lost, but is instead preserved, maintained, and shared for the benefit of future generations.

Your gift, today, ensures that as future Nebraskan's look to the lessons of the past to guide their future, they have a strong Foundation to turn to that will share with them the lessons we learned, together. Please join us in preserving “Our History.” while building “Your Legacy.”